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What are the allowed forms of presentation of the conceptual solution?

The forms of implementation of the conceptual solution can be blueprints, presentations, media plan, dance, souvenir, drawing, exhibition, video presentation, stage performance, photographs, story, music, comic strip, film, map, fashion items, recipes, communication plan, visual design, posters, plays or any other forms chosen by the competition team.

Can one team be lead by two mentors?

According to the Competition Rules, one team can be led by only one mentor.

Can more than three students be part of one competition team?

According to the Rules of the competition, one team can compete with a maximum of three competitors.

What is the deadline for teams to apply?

We have extended the deadline for the registration of teams and it is now 31 October 2022. The deadline for submission of conceptual solutions has been extended to 20 November 2022 and will not be extended further, since the presentation of conceptual solutions is from 30 November to 2 December. 2022 according to the schedule that will be published on the Competition's website.

Does the presentation of the conceptual design have to last 5 minutes?

The presentation of the conceptual design should not last longer than 5 minutes, but it can be shorter.

What can be presented as a conceptual solution for a competition team?

Competition teams are given the freedom to design a competitive solution, within one or more sectors of the creative industry. Performances of the conceptual solution can be drawings, presentations, media plan, dance, souvenir, drawing, exhibition, video presentation, play, photos, story, music, comics, film, map, fashion items, recipes, communication plan, visual design, entrepreneurial ideas, posters, plays or any other form chosen by the competition team.

Is there a shortlist of submitted conceptual solutions? (November 7, 2022)

The Competition does not provide for a shortlist of submitted conceptual solutions. All competing teams that have submitted a conceptual solution have the opportunity to present their conceptual solution in front of the expert committee.

What are the creative industry sectors?

According to the structure proposed by the researchers of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, the creative industry consists of 12 sectors. Study the definitions, descriptions and presentation of the sector at:

What will the presentation of the conceptual design look like?

a. The mentor will announce the team and introduce the team members.
b. Competitors present the conceptual solution for a maximum of 5 minutes.
c. Competitors exhibiting online may play a pre-recorded video or other multimedia form of presentation, but the announcement of the team (mentor) must be live.
d. The presence of all team members at the time provided for the presentation of the conceptual design is strongly encouraged. It is desirable that all team members be present at the scheduled time of presentation of their conceptual design.
e. After presenting the conceptual design, the Judging Committee asks questions to the contestants and the mentor.

Is it possible to present the conceptual solution online?

Online presentation is possible only for teams from abroad upon prior agreement with the organizer.

Which social networks can we follow the information related to the competition on?

You can follow all the information on the Competition website or on its social networks.

Should mentors be in the photos of the teams?

A photo of the conceptual solution is mandatory (we recommend a larger number of photos), and a photo of the team members is optional but preferred.

Which social media can we use to announce our participation in the Millennium Competition?

The post can be on placed on the school's website, the school's social networks or on online portals. If you are posting on social networks, it is recommended (optional) to tag the FB or IG profile of the Millennial Competition.

Who covers the accommodation and transportation costs for participation in the Millennial Creative Industry Competition?

The Organizer bears the costs of organizing the Competition, and the Organizer is unable to cover other costs. The Competition has no registration fee, and the Organizers do not gain financial benefit from organizing the competition, but instead encourage volunteering in the academic community. On the day of their presentation, the Organizers will set up an area for informal gatherings where one can claim a meal, drinks, and refreshments. All details will be published and visible in the schedule after the submission of conceptual solutions.

I'm competing in the Creative Hour category, do I have to steer the thematic team in the direction of the conceptual solution related to the hour?

The names of the categories (hour, calendar and planet) are assigned by the organizer, and you are not obliged to include the terms/concepts in the conceptual solution. Conceptually, the terms are related to the number 12, as there are as many creative industry sectors.

Is it possible for Croatian teams to choose Cultural identity as a topic of Millennial competition?

Croatian teams cannot choose the topic Cultural identity, since the mentioned topic is intended for competitive teams from abroad.