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Important changes to the concept of the 5th Millennial competition in Creative Industry:

a) One mentor (teacher) can be in charge of leading no more than one team.
b) The topic Glagolitic script has been replaced with the topic of Cultural identity , solely for the teams from abroad (
c) There have been changes concerning the important dates of the Competition (
d) The scoring system has been changed for all three categories of the Competition (
e) The awards ceremony will be held online and the competitionants are not obliged to stay for the ceremony.
f) The participating teams (students/teachers) will be offered an additional (optional) programme during the Competition. The organizers will notify the participants of the programme in due time.

Are the participating teams given choice of the language used to present their conceptual solution?

The official languages of the Competition are Croatian and English. The teams are free to choose between the two languages in presenting their conceptual solution.

May we suggest a specific time slot to present our conceptual solution to the Evaluation Committee, so we could plan our stay in Osijek more efficiently?

The teams may suggest a time slot for the presentation of their conceptual solution prior to the publication of the official Competition schedule. Additional changes in the schedule will not be allowed. Please note that the majority of the teams will be called on to present their conceptual solutions on December 5th and 6th, with December 7th reserved for Committee work and winners ceremonies.

Will there be a short list for the submitted conceptual solutions?

There will be no short-listing of submitted conceptual solutions in the Competition. All the teams who have submitted their conceptual solutions will get the opportunity to present these before the Evaluation Committee.

The organizers have supplied us with a PowerPoint Template for the presentation. Are we obligated to use the template in our presentation (materials)?

The competing teams are under no obligation to use the PowerPoint template supplied by the Organizers. We only require the title page and the elements of the front page of the presentational materials (.ppt or some other form) to include all the elements featured on the template.

Do we have to stay in Osijek for the full duration of the Competition?

The competing teams are not obligated to spend all three days of the Competition in Osijek. The bulk of the Competition will take place on December 5th and December 6th (with a smaller portion on December 7th). The teams are invited to spend their free time after the presentation of their conceptual solution socializing at the Faculty.

What will the presentstion of the conceptual solution look like?

a) The mentor announces and introduces the team members.
b) The competitionants present their conceptual solution within 5 minutes max.
c) The competitionants presenting online may play a previously recorded video or some other form of multimedia, but the mentor has to introduce the team live.
d) We encourage all team members to be present during the presentation of their conceptual solution. All team members should preferably be available during the time slot allocated for the presentation of their conceptual solution.
e) After the presentation of the conceptual solution, the Evaluation Committee poses questions to the competitionants and the mentor.

Must the presentation of the conceptual solution last 5 minutes?

The Competition Book of Regulations (Article 10. section 1.) states that the presentation of the conceptual solution should last no longer than 5 minutes, but may take less. A model example of a conceptual solution presentation from the 3rd Millennial Competition in Creative industry is available at

I am competing in the Creative Clock category. Must I direct the team towards the conceptual solution related to a clock?

The category names (clock, calendar and planet) were formulated by the organizers and you are under no obligation to incorporate these exact terms into the conceptual solution. The names were chosen for their conceptual relation to the number 12, corresponding to the number of sectors in the creative industry.

What are the forms allowed for presenting the conceptual solution. What can a team offer as a conceptual solution?

Conceptual solutions can be implemented as blueprints, presentations, media plan, dance, souvenir, drawing, exhibition, video presentation, stage performance, photographs, story, music, graphic novel, film, map, fashion items, recipes, communication plan, visual design, posters, plays or any other forms chosen by the competing team. Model examples of conceptual solutions from the 4th Millennial Competition are available at:

Who is responsible for financing the accommodation and travel costs for the participation in the Millennial Competition?

The Competition Book of Regulations (Article 14) states that the Organizer shoulders the costs having to do with the organization of the Competition and is not able to cover other costs. No participation fee is charged and no financial gain made by the Organizer. The Competition aims instead to encourage volunteering in the academic community. The Organizer will provide the competitionant with a space for informal gathering and socialization, where they can take their meal, beverages and refreshments. The detail will be set out in the schedule following the submission of the conceptual solutions.

Where can we post about our participation in the Millennial Competition?

You are invited to post about taking part in the Millennial Competition on the webpages and social network sites of your educational institutions, or on online portals. Should you decide to post on social networks (optional) we kindly ask you to tag the FB page Milenijsko natjecanje or the IG profile Millennial Competition.