Faculty of Economics in Osijek and Andizet Institute organised the 3 rd Millennial Competition
in Creative Industries, which took place on December 2 and 3, 2021 at the Faculty of
Economics in Osijek. The goal of the Millennial Competition is to encourage participation in
extracurricular activities useful for the development of skills, critical thinking, creativity and
improvement of acquired knowledge. By participating in the 3 rd Millennial Competition in
Creative Industries, competition teams from the Republic of Croatia and abroad enrolled in
creative future by presenting their conceptual solutions in three competition categories. The
contestants found inspiration in competition topics Glagolitic alphabet, mythology and Silk
Road. Glagolitic alphabet and mythology are traditional values to which innovative solutions
give new life, and the renewal of the Silk Road is an economic opportunity that is impossible
to develop without learning about its historical heritage.


133 competition teams took part in three competition categories Creative Hour (primary
schools), Creative Calendar (secondary schools) and Creative Planet (higher education
institutions). After presentation and analysis of the conceptual solutions, the Judging
Committee presented the laurates in each of the categories.


Creative Hour category

1. place – Perun’s legion – Primary school Franjo Krežma, Osijek

Mentor: Mario Jager
Contestant: Marko Jukić

2. place* – Myth hunters – Primary school Cvjetno, Briješće

Mentor: Mirela Rudec
Contestants: Roko Bilić, Luka Galić and Mihael Kraštek

2. place* – 101 face of Glagolitic alphabet – Primary school Kajzerica, Zagreb

Mentor: Stanka Svetličić
Contestants: Paulina Dragčević, Ana Barać and Nuša Matija Maršić

3. place* – Frankopan 1 – Primary school Fran Krsto Frankopan, Osijek

Mentor: Sandra Marijanović
Contestant: Magda Oswald

3. place* – Young technicians Potpićan – Primary school Vladimir Nazor Potpićan

Mentor: Mateo Silvar
Contestants: Toni Smilović, Mario Fonović and Andrej Juričić


Creative Calendar category

1. place* – ELPROS – Electrical Engineering and Traffic School Osijek

Mentor: Sandra Matijević
Contestants: Luka Senković, Matej Rumbak and Antonio Štruklec

1. place* – Team Opatijski ugići – Catering School Opatija

 Mentor: Majda Šimunić
Contestants: Antonija Dujmović, Nataša Vučetić and Filip Kljukić

2. place – Triglav – School of Economics and Administration Osijek

Mentor: Luka Rupčić
Contestants: Valerija Fabing, Borna Gudelj and Marko Babić

3. place – Young fashion designers – Secondary Vocational School Vinkovci

Mentor: Ljubica Kolarević
Contestants: Lena Dretvić and Dajana Barišić


Creative Planet category

1. place – Glagolitic Fates – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Osijek

Mentor: Vera Blažević Krezić
Contestants: Dora Rašić, Daria Nedić and Ana Čičković

2. place – EFSA team – University of Sarajevo School of Economics and Business

 Mentor: Selma Kadić-Maglajlić
Contestants: Hamza Čengić, Amela Jahić and Hena Musić

3. place* – Parsifal – Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec

 Mentor: Željko Blagus
Contestants: Ena Hojsak, Leina Darabuš and Ines Baisić

3. place* – Alemperka – Academy of Arts and Culture Osijek

 Mentor: Jasmina Pacek
Contestant: Krešimir Tomac

Contestants and mentors who won the first places for their conceptual solutions will be
presented the Hydrogen award at the Hydrogen Gala Ceremony on April 29, 2022. The
organisers expect that the presented conceptual solutions on Glagolitic alphabet, mythology
and Silk Road will live on after the Millennial Competition and that the achieved educational
outcomes will contribute to the growth and development of communities in which the
contestants are educated.

Faculty of Economics in Osijek is a public higher education institution and a leader in
recognising contemporary changes facing social communities, and dean Boris Crnković,
Ph.D. announced that the 4 th Millennial Competition in Creative Industries will take place in
December 2022. In anticipation of the official announcement of the 4 th Millennial
Competition, we greet you from the creative university centre and invite you to reflect on
making new creative products inspired by cultural heritage.


Organisers of the 3 rd Millennial Competition in Creative Industries